Despite a huge amount of time lost to snow, Blair House is making good progress and this week I arrived to find the roof going on.

Inside, my new heat exchange system had arrived, which should allow the air in the building to stay warm and fresh largely through passive solar gain and the people inside it. Olly the architect made friends with the dalek while the builder and I discussed the possibilities for adding a sink plunger and egg whisk…

Round the south side, the solar PV panels were going on, leading to a long discussion as to whether they should be portrait or landscape. The man on the roof is playing an important role modelling a dalek, I mean heat-exchanger, to demonstrate that they panels will not get in its way.

The larch cladding and windows are looking lovely on the west end: achieving the appearance of ‘studied randomness’ was a lot more difficult than it looks.

Inside, my favourite view of Craig Rennet is appearing in the little bedroom:

… and the window seat on the staircase is being cut out of the east end. I can’t wait to see this next time.